About John

I have been involved in facilitating and promoting big events for almost 40 years. I know what it takes to make something work – from any perspective. I have been on the platform, dealt with speakers, done advertising and social media, logistics, parked the cars and even cleaned out the sewerage pump within the overall site services envelope.

So how can I help you? Nothing scares me. The only thing that matters is that we are changing the world, one person at a time!

Promise Keepers

Communications via print, video and web around marketing events, engaging with constituents and training. Strategic direction planning. Oversight of other operations. Financial supporter liason. Logistics. Retail. Event theming. Outdoor advertising campaigns. HR. Social Media relationship development and Marketing. Web strategy. Interactive webcasts.

Sterling Holdings

All aspects of property maintenance. Residential and Commercial property management, maintenance and development. Farm and livestock management.

Mataka Station

Fencing, weed control, Amenity and production tree management and forestry, workshop services, silage and hay harvesting and feedout, water supply, general stockwork, Rotary slashing, sandblasting and spray painting, quarry management and maintenance, blasting, crushing, metal spreading, motor grader operation and maintenance, excavator operator and maintenance, liasion with large youth camp and site services development and management, merino flock introduction and development, HR, Farm unit oversight

Universal Homes

Intern – Subdivision planning, surveyors assistant, Quantity surveying.




Our legacy is in the memory of those who know us and especially those who love us. Within two generations our memory is erased but hopefully the values we communicate effectively will be carried forward in some form by our descendants. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

Christian Living

Faith is the center of my world. It defines me and how I interact with others. This is the filter through which I view the world. I don’t mind what filter you use but I appreciate it when you respect mine.

Military Vehicles

I have been involved with military vehicles since the early 1980’s through ownership and the NZ Military Vehicle Club. I was club editor in 1984 aged 24.

I have had an ex-army 1940 Dodge 4×4 pickup since 1990 which has taken our family on many adventures around NZ. This organisation has taken me further off the beaten track than I have ever been before!


My family has always been around and on the water. From dingies to speedboats to launches to yachts. It is not suprising really when so many generations were sea captains. Even my father in law is a captain! OK, so that is not genetic. Personally, I love the tinnie for mooching up inlets, landing on beaches and islands, fishing and just ease of use. No worries!

Snow Skiing

50 years of tradition right there. yes, skiing is fun. I’m an intermediate skier who doesn’t like to push it hard enough to crash out.

Decades of skiing on Mt Ruapehu have shaped my memories. Good seasons, bad seasons, eruptions, bluebird days, blizzard days. We had about 40 years of caravanning at Whakapapa Motor Camp. I used to travel down by train with my mother in a sleeper, arriving at National park at midnight, getting a taxi in the moonlight to the caravan. if the weather was bad, that was ok – there were walks to do across the tussock and through the Beech forest.