Now that feels better!

Four days of mega anti bots and my lump is worse than ever. Being the weekend, I asked my friend Sue for opinion. I felt nervous because my niece said anything Sue does always hurts. Bad.
Sue took one look and said” This sort doesn’t come out by antibiotics. It only comes out by incision.”
She quickly produced a toolbox with a thousand medical things in it, scratching around looking for a scalpel.
“Do you have any local?” I asked hopefully.
Sure but it is not very effective with these lumps.
“General, maybe?”
Don’t be silly Sue says and tells me to lie down on the lounge floor carpet, close to where the dog was before it died. Speaking of which Sue was into it like a hound after a hare. The deeper she dug, the more excited she got.
The only problem is that these things always stink. Half a cup of goo later I wobbled out to dinner and a movie.
Well, better out than in. And yes, I do feel way better not having to fight a heap of infection. You are a choice chick, Sue!

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  1. Ouch! CAn you get more kiddy pics on your blog please… All those body parts are so eeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwllll!

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