Anniversary Card Wars

Anniversary time again. Third year in a row that Mrs Ora is out of town for it and this time it’s a biggie – the 20th. I was feeling a little out of sorts about when her friend Carole asked me why I didn’t just drive to Tauranga and have dinner with her there? Well, it’s only Tauranga, not the moon, so why not?
It would be nicer as a suprise so Carole and I worked together to Keep Mrs Ora guessing. Yes, she was very suprised when I arrived. In recent years I have been getting custom cards done, which I enjoy. Mrs Ora isn’t really into the card thing but she thought she should make the effort and duly posted one off. Funny thing was she sent it to my work but at the wrong address. As it had no return address on it, we assumed I never get to see it but it did actually turn up later in the week. Maybe the “happy anniversary” on the envelope inspired the PO to investigate the address a bit more.
We enjoyed a nice meal in downtown Tauranga before I climbed back into my chariot for the 3 hour trip home. Nice to be together.