Ski Field Closed due to Volcanic Eruption

The Dome hut was’t buried by mud the day before.
The Lahar path goes through the Far West T Bar area.
Conveniently, the ash fall out did not affect the snow inside the ski area. Last time it ruined skiing.
Snowmen are always popular. Ruby, Isaac and Jonathan
Family Tradition – Nachos by the river at Whakapapa

This ski season we had some passing excitement when the field was closed for a day due to a volcanic eruption. It happened at night in cloudy weather so no one actually saw it. Three men were in the dome hut when a rock came thru it, crushing one man’s leg.
That was Tuesday, 25th Sept 07. Closed Wednesday. Nice weather Thursday, lets ski!
We went down Friday and had a great couple of days. There can’t be too many ski fields around the world where eruptions are just part of the deal.